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Bring the high end restaurant experience home with an exceptional dinner curated just for you by Chef Mazen Akl.

Have the perfect dinner party or date night without worrying about prep, cooking or cleaning up! Dinners can be made to serve 2 - 8 guests, with custom menu planning for parties larger than 8! Our main menus are plated individually, with a new family styling sharing menu now available as well! 


With over 10 years experience in some of Calgary's top restaurants, his talent + Lebanese background come together to create one of a kind dishes. If you have any questions, please contact Mazen to discuss creating your perfect dinner!

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Ingredient Sourcing

Ingredient Sourcing

Experience the true flavors of Lebanese cuisine through the essence of carefully sourced ingredients. At the heart of Lebanese cooking lies the natural goodness of its soil, reflected in the freshness of every dish. To ensure an authentic and vibrant culinary journey, I prioritize the selection of top-quality produce. Regular visits to local markets allow me to handpick the best herbs and vegetables, celebrating the region's diverse offerings. Supporting local farmers is a point of pride, as I aim to deliver untainted, wholesome ingredients, often organically grown, to your table. This dedication to ingredient sourcing not only guarantees a richer taste but also echoes my commitment to promoting local sustainability. Embrace the simplicity of a well-tended land on your plate, as we unite flavors, tradition, and the warmth of Lebanese hospitality.

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